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Honesdale Divorce Attorney

If you are currently going through a divorce in Honesdale/Wayne County, you have no doubt already realized that the process is anything but simple. Divorce often brings out the most raw (and worst) emotions in people and causes them to dispute issues that they would otherwise have no feelings about. Even if two parties can agree to an uncontested divorce, they must still come up with a divorce decree that is fair to both parties, otherwise they risk having their proposal rejected by a judge. At the end of the process, parties of a divorce, no matter how amicable their divorce may have been, feel emotionally drained and financially unstable.

Though there is nothing our team at Farley & Weed, LLC can help do to ease the emotional pain, we can alleviate the financial burden of divorce and much of the headache as well. The right Honesdale divorce attorney can help you remain focused on your ultimate goals for your divorce. Though divorce goals vary from person to person, they are easier to obtain when you work with an unbiased party who understands how to quickly and effectively arrive at solutions that are in the best interests of them and their families.

Common and Costly Divorce Issues

Though divorce is expensive in general, there are certain issues that result in more money lost than others. Interestingly enough, most of those issues have to do with finances. Below are some of the biggest and most costly to resolve divorce concerns:

  • Property Division: Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, meaning that property will be divided in accordance with how much each party contributed to the marriage. Contributions do not have to be strictly financial—judges take into consideration a person’s contribution to the family and home as well as bank accounts.

  • Debt Distribution: In addition to divvying up assets, couples must also divide debt. To do this fairly, you will need to know how much each of you owes and to whom.

  • Retirement Plan Issues: By law, each spouse is entitled to the other’s retirement plans. If both you and your spouse have your own plans, you may be able to skirt this issue by agreeing to keep your own plans, and to not ask for any amount of the other person’s.

  • Child Custody and Child Support Issues: Child custody is probably one of the most contentious aspects of any divorce involving children. Unless you and your spouse agree to 50/50 custody, chances are that much of your case will be spent arguing who is the "more fit" parent. Once custody is assigned, the judge will then set child custody.

  • Spousal Support: Depending on how long you and your spouse have been married, you may owe or be owed spousal support. Unless you and your spouse agree or agreed that maintenance is not necessary, a good portion of the process will be spent negotiating a fair amount.

Divorce Does Not Have to Break the Bank

Divorce does not have to be financially or emotionally draining. When you work with the right Honesdale divorce attorney, you can resolve even the most complex divorce issues with as little headache and contention as possible. If you want to make it through your divorce without losing your sanity or your savings, contact Farley & Weed, LLC, today.

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